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the world is your heartbeat

What happens when it's just one another human being and another?

This project explores the power of surfaces in our lives, and how they allow for projecting (onto others) and connecting.  

It looks at tech and its relationship to us as humans.  Technology can be an insufficient approximation of people, but it's also a means for opening up new spaces.  "the world is your heartbeat" is about a time in your life when you just cared so deeply about something.  Do you remember?

Technologies used include physical sensors (for pulse/heartbeat), node.js, Arduino, A-Frame for Web Virtual Reality, Web Audio, and Google Cardboard.  At its heart is a heartbeat sensor controlling for a virtual reality experience.

One of the original concepts for this project was "Humans of New York in virtual reality".  Then thinking about Google Cardboard as creating a confined space, and rather than using that as a restriction, using it to open up an intimate space, where the viewer listens to a story and hears the heartbeat of the storyteller, and sees a yellow sphere pulsing at the rate of the storyteller's heartbeat.  Next to the yellow sphere, they see a red sphere pulsing to the rate of their own heartbeat.